Logo Designer Talks: All about Fashion Logos

logo-designerA professional logo design is a requisite for every successful brand or business. It is the starting point of a brand, the visual representation of a marketing identity. When someone hears a particular brand or entity, the mind makes associations with visuals. If the brand does not have any, recall can never be established. This is why it is vital to have a logo designer create an emblem for your business or institution. If you are interested in getting logo design services for a fashion logo, here are some very successful logo designs you can learn some concepts from.

1.    In some cases, less is more.

For a luxury fashion brand, the logo should be kept elegant and refined. Some people hate garish designs and don’t like bold graphics to accentuate their look. Take the logo design of Chanel for example. This brand has always been associated with understated luxury—nothing too loud, nothing too harsh, the simpler the better. The intertwined CC logo is as iconic as a logo can ever get.

A skilled logo designer knows that a good logo does not need a lot of elements to be effective. The simplicity of the logo design of Chanel makes it versatile. It can be applied on their jewelry, packaging boxes, belts, perfume caps, and it always feels right.

The Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) logo, is also another case study for less is more. If your market is the   conservative yet stylish dresser who cares about quality, your logo should be as simple as you can manage.

2.    Make it interesting but versatile.

It is a challenge for every logo designer to come up with logo design ideas that are interesting but manageable. In this case, the nature of the business should be considered. The logo for Ralph Lauren is too busy if you think about it. However, the clarity of its design makes it work even when it is printed very small (or very large), as in the case of its current logo.
3.    If you dare to be bold, go all out.

logo-design-onlineJust in case the “less is more” principle does not seem appealing to you and you want something loud and bold, then bring it on. Don’t hesitate. The logo for Juicy Couture has too many elements that are impossible to put together harmoniously. Yet somehow for this brand, it works. The brand targets the youngish market who want stylish stuff that stand out in a cute feminine way. The dogs, the heart, and the banner may all seem too much. However, the brand and everything it has to offer makes the design believable and wearable.

When it comes to the best logo design for a fashion company, there are no strict rules really. The most important thing is that it should never contradict the brand. The logo design and the brand should work harmoniously together to create a convincing image. A logo designer can help you create the IT logo for your business.

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